What to Do at Night in New York City – Enjoy a Beautiful Night

What to Do at Night in New York City - Enjoy a Beautiful Night
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Nightlife can be found in most cities. There is no exception in the city that never sleeps. The most memorable, enjoyable, and, if you’re lucky, romantic things to do at night in New York City.

New York’s nightlife has always been exciting, even before the city had electricity. There are so many times when I’ve been in bed and heard laughter outside. I turn to my wife as to say, “lets go see what kind of trouble we can get into.”

Even the simplest activities can be charming in New York City after dark. It can be romantic and intimate on some nights to exit the subway and make your way home while the city is lit up. On other occasions, a small amount of liquid courage inspires you to take chances that you otherwise wouldn’t (or shouldn’t have).

What to Do at Night in New York City - Enjoy a Beautiful Night

Best Things to Do in New York City at Night

Attend a Live Recording of a T.V. Show

The majority of the live recordings that are available are late-night talk shows from New York City. It’s a little strange, to be completely honest, to watch your favorite shows being recorded. You have such a different perspective on television and really value the work that goes into it.

Going to see Jimmy Fallon was one of the best things I’ve done at night in New York City. In the autumn of 2017, just before the Macy’s Day parade, it happened. Jimmy Fallon started interacting with the audience and moving around us during a commercial break. He is very personable.

He mentioned being backstage on the Sesame Street float once in his comment. He mentioned “how weird it is to see Elmo take his head off”. I don’t know what came over me but I blurted out “that’s what it feels like seeing you in person!” Jimmy Fallon laughed and told me he appreciated me and proceeded to shake my hand.

I’ll always remember that moment. To be completely honest, it’s among the best things I’ve ever done in the evening in New York City.

I urge you to make an effort to obtain tickets for a live broadcast. It’s without a doubt among the best nighttime activities in New York City. The majority of tapings are free; all you have to do is apply ahead of time and wait your turn on the waitlist. I am aware that it might seem unlikely, but my wife and I have been accepted to about half of the tapings for which we have applied.

See the City from An Observation Deck

What to Do at Night in New York City - Enjoy a Beautiful Night

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds heights terrifying. The views, however, make any jitters you might have about visiting an observation deck in New York City worth it! One of the best things to do in New York City at night is to observe the dazzling lights from above. It’s magical, to put it mildly.

In order to fully appreciate Manhattan, there are currently 5 observation decks available.

  • Top of the Rock
  • Empire State Building
  • The Edge
  • Summit One Vanderbilt
  • One World Observatory

If you’re thinking of visiting New York City, I advise against purchasing tickets to an observation deck until you know the weather conditions. Once, when I had out-of-town guests, I made the error of purchasing tickets in advance. I made an arbitrary time and date selection, only for that evening to be gloomy and uninteresting. One of the best things to do in New York City at night is to view NYC from a height of 1000+ feet, and I would hate for you to make the same error I did!

You will without a doubt be in for a treat no matter which observatory you choose to view the city of New York at night from. Bright lights in the “City That Never Sleeps” have a way of inspiring you and making an unforgettable memory.

See the Sunset at Top of the Rock

Seeing the sunset at the Top of the Rock Observatory is one of the best ways to start your evening in New York City! Three floors are available on this observatory deck in Rockefeller Center for viewing the entire Manhattan skyline.

The iconic view of the Empire State Building illuminated against the night sky, which makes for an unforgettable experience, is one of the reasons Top of the Rock is so well-liked. Additionally, it is one of New York City’s most picturesque locations!

Enjoy a NYC Broadway Play at Night

Attending a Broadway play is yet another fantastic way to spend your evening in New York! It’s among the top things to do in NYC overall, as even native New Yorkers can attest. The Book of Mormon and Wicked are two of my favorite television programs!

The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, and Moulin Rouge are some additional extremely well-liked performances! Since there are so many excellent shows, you should also take off-Broadway productions into consideration.

It would be best to eat early since Broadway night shows typically start between 7 PM and 8 PM. Here are the Broadway showtimes and the list of current productions.

Experience a Comedy Show

Another popular nighttime attraction in New York City is comedy clubs. Both upcoming comedians and the best in the business frequently perform in New York. In fact, NYC is where a lot of well-known stand-up comedians got their start.

Madison Square Garden will host notable performances this year (2022), including Kevin Hart and Sebastian Maniscalco! Because New Yorkers are, as we all know, hilarious, there are a ton of comedy clubs spread out throughout the city. With that being said, some of the most popular comedy clubs to visit in NYC include:

  • Gotham Comedy Club
  • Comedy Cellar
  • Broadway Comedy Club
  • Carolines on Broadway
  • The Stand NYC
  • The Famous Apollo Theatre

The majority of comedy clubs in New York City, if not all of them, serve bar food; however, unless there is a special dietary need, I would suggest eating dinner first. Also keep in mind that some clubs have a minimum drink requirement and that most shows begin at 6 PM or later in the evening.

What to Do at Night in New York City - Enjoy a Beautiful Night

Explore Times Square

Most likely, when you think of New York City, you picture Times Square at night, with its enormous billboards and flashing lights. Visiting Times Square at night is a must if this is your first time in New York!

Times Square is admittedly extremely congested, and most New Yorkers avoid it at all costs, but how frequently do you go to the main tourist destination in your city? My guess is not much?

However, when I was a teen and a college student, I actually did enjoy taking a nighttime stroll through Times Square to people-watch and stop by one of my favorite New York City shops, the M&M’s World New York store! I also briefly worked at Planet Hollywood in Times Square (damn you, student loans).

In any case, if this is your first trip to New York City, make sure to include Times Square on your list of fun nighttime activities! One of the best places in New York City to take pictures at night is Times Square!

Enjoy One of the Many NYC Rooftop Bars at Night

Excellent Rooftop bars can be found all over New York City. After all, one of the best nighttime skylines in the world is in New York! So it stands to reason that one of the coolest things to do at night is to visit a rooftop bar.

It can be a little difficult to decide which rooftop bar you should go to when there are so many to pick from. You can choose from some of the hottest rooftop bars listed below. Always make a reservation, whichever rooftop bar you decide to visit!

Walk on the Edge at Night NYC

The Edge at Hudson Yards is a unique observation deck in New York City to visit at night. The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, is suspended 100 stories above the ground! Enjoy stunning nighttime views of New York City while sipping Champagne at this establishment that stays open until midnight!

Don’t forget to take pictures of the Vessel and stroll along the Highline while you are at Hudson Yards as well!

Fly over New York City in a Helicopter

Are more daring and adrenaline-pumping activities your thing? A helicopter ride over Manhattan ranks among the most unusual and possibly crazy things you can do in NYC at night. View some of the most well-known New York landmarks lit up at night, not to mention the skyline! You’ll undoubtedly view New York City’s magic from a completely new angle.

Take a Cruise Around Manhattan at Night

Consider going on a dinner cruise if you’re looking for a more romantic thing to do in NYC at night. In this manner, you can savor a delicious meal while admiring some of New York’s most beautiful nighttime landmarks!

You can still enjoy a cruise at night or even a sail at sunset if having dinner on a boat isn’t your thing.

Check Out One World Trade Observatory

The One World Observatory is another well-known observation deck in New York City. Enjoy panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline from the financial district, where there are more than 100 stories! At their One Dine and Bar, which is situated on the 101st floor, you can even savor a fine meal.

The regular visitor tickets to the One World Trade Center Observatory are not included with dinner reservations.

Make sure to visit the 9/11 memorial pools, which will also be illuminated, after admiring New York from above.

Swingers Mini Golf

The ideal NYC adult-only experience is to hang out at The Swingers Mini Golf. This incredibly unique restaurant offers three courses in addition to expertly crafted cocktails, gourmet street food, and food. You must reserve a spot in advance, so be sure to visit the Swinger website. The cost per person ranges from $22 to 26.

Enjoy a Jazz Club

There are some of the best places to enjoy jazz during a night out in NYC because jazz has always played a significant role in New York history.

You’ll be in for a treat at some of New York’s most well-known jazz venues, like the Birdland Jazz Club, Blue Note Jazz Club, and Smalls Jazz Club.

What to Do at Night in New York City - Enjoy a Beautiful Night

Is NYC Safe at Night

Is it safe to walk around New York City at night? you may be thinking. In general, yes, but if you’re a woman, I wouldn’t advise going out alone late at night. Stick to the main streets, take the subway carts with the most people in them, and groups are fine.

I’ve lived in the city and taken the subways at all hours of the night with people and by myself without incident, keeping in mind the aforementioned safety precautions.

Best Things to Do in NYC at Night Wrap-up

As you can see, New York City is full of fantastic late-night activities! Are you prepared to conquer New York City at night?

Everyone should travel to New York City at least once in their lifetime. The vibrant city is teeming with tourist destinations, well-known landmarks, and entertaining things to do. Along with a variety of things to do and places to see at night, the city also has a thriving nightlife scene. You’ll undoubtedly have some fantastic nights out in NYC, no matter what your interests are!

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