Next Vacay Review 2023 – Is It Legit or Scam

Next Vacay Review 2023 - Is It Legit or Scam
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If you’re looking for flight deals, you’ve probably come across a service called Next Vacay. You hesitate to purchase their membership despite how alluring their flight deals seem. We will cover every aspect of Next Vacation so you can decide if they are worthwhile.

Try Next Vacation; you won’t regret it. No personal information is required by Next Vacay, which is trustworthy and safe.

Next Vacay believes everyone deserves a chance to travel the world, which is why they want to help people find the best deals on airfare, hotels, and more. But are they reliable, and are their low-cost airfare offers worthwhile?

Read on to find out right away!

What is Next Vacay?

Next Vacay Review 2023 - Is It Legit or Scam

The website Next Vacay offers travel deals, and it makes the bold claim that it can help you save a ton of cash on your next trip so you can take the trip of a lifetime. They offer inexpensive tickets to people looking for low-cost flights. You can find a cheap flight anywhere in the world thanks to Next Vacation’s offers from a wide range of international airlines.

You can browse their selection of travel offers to find exactly what you’re looking for. Everything is covered, and the costs are well within your means.

Pros & Con of Next Vacay


  • Direct provider, no middleman
  • 30-days free trial
  • Customizations of deals by proximity
  • Affordable pricing


  • No free version
  • No mobile app
  • No text alerts
  • Sometimes slower than other deals providers

How to Sign Up for Next Vacay

Here’s how to sign up and what you should know before you do.

You can try Next Vacay for 30 days without paying anything with a $25 annual membership.

To get the free trial, though, a credit card is required.

Before your trial is over, your card is not charged. It’s simple to sign up, and I immediately got a few welcome emails.

Deals should arrive in 3 to 4 days, according to one of them. Additionally, it informed me that residents who reside near medium-sized or large airports benefit from more deals.

This makes sense given that a larger local airport will see more traffic from a wider range of carriers.

Additionally, they reminded new members once more that it might take 3–4 days before they begin receiving deal alerts.

Next Vacay is definitely not a website where you can browse right away after signing up. The emails do take a few days to arrive, in actuality.

I received some background information on the company’s origins and additional backstory in one of the last emails.

It turns out that a couple, who along with some staff, founded and are still in charge of Next Vacation, personally look for cheap flights. The alerts that are sent to member email boxes are then created.

Personally, I like the little guy technology.

Because you’re a Rockefeller or the head of Jeff Bezos’ fan club, or something similar, you might not be as moved by this story as I was.

Next Vacay is a relatively small company that helps travelers all over the world save money on airfares, I like ’em, sue me!

Who Owns Next Vacay?

In 2014, a $280 roundtrip from Augusta to Bombay was made available, and Naveen and his wife Shaylee couldn’t pass it up. This motivated Naveen to combine his passion for travel with his entrepreneurial spirit to develop a system that would enable other people to partake in the experience.

Since then, Next Vacay has shared such flight offers with thousands of its members.

How Does Next Vacay Work?

You can make custom itineraries, find fantastic deals on airfare and lodging, and more with Next Vacay. For both novice and seasoned travelers alike, this website is a great resource.

You can look for flights and accommodations after you sign up for a free Next Vacay account. Additionally, you have the option of creating your own itinerary or looking through others’ custom ones. Once you’ve found the perfect vacation plan, you can book your flight and hotel in one place.

How to Use Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is simple to use, according to the reviews! Just sign up for a free account to get started looking for hotels and flights. Additionally, you have the option of creating your own itinerary or looking through others’ custom ones. Once you’ve decided on the ideal travel itinerary, you can book your flight and lodging together in one location.

You can make changes to your Next Vacay preferences using the Login link. Contact the help desk, and their Customer Service staff will help you if you need additional adjustments that are not already included in your member account.

How Much Does Next Vacay Cost?

Next Vacay Review 2023 - Is It Legit or Scam

As it is free, anyone can use Next Vacay. You can register and begin looking for hotels and flights. A Next Vacay premium membership costs $25 per year if you want to plan your entire vacation from one location.

What Does Next Vacay Subscription Include?

All the free features of Next Vacation are available in the paid version, along with some extra premium features. With a paid membership, you can access exclusive deals on flights and hotels, priority customer support, and more.

In conclusion, a paid membership is unquestionably worthwhile if you intend to use Next Vacay to plan your subsequent vacation.

Canceling Your Next Vacay Membership

Your account settings make it simple to cancel your Next Vacay membership if you need to for any reason.

  • Just log in to the account, and go to the “Billing” section.
  • Click on the “Cancel Membership” button.

Your Next Vacay membership subscription will remain active until the conclusion of your current billing cycle.

Is Next Vacay Safe and Legitimate?

I can state with assurance that Next Vacay is trustworthy and legal. They don’t ask for personal information, just an email and a preferred airport.

While a credit card is required to begin your free trial, you won’t be charged if you cancel it within the first 30 days.

Since credit card companies are so vigilant about fraud these days (despite the prevalence of it), even if you have a problem, you will be compensated if you file a claim.

Additionally, any flights you book are solely between you and the airline; no third party is allowed to meddle in your affairs. To any carrier, Next Vacation owes nothing.

The only thing they want to do is send your email inbox fantastic flight deals and ideas for your upcoming vacation.

This Next Vacay review should assist you in finding the best airfare deals. Just keep in mind that you can save a ton of money by being flexible, which translates to more spending money for your next vacation.

Next Vacay Review 2023 - Is It Legit or Scam

Conclusion: is Next Vacay Worth It?

We believe so! Next Vacay provides awesome features that helps make planning your next vacation a breeze. You’ll get cheap flight alerts on the flights from the airport closest to you. Additionally, you’ll save a ton of time and effort by not having to search for it yourself. Even though it’s straightforward, it works.

We can’t claim that it’s the best in the business, so you should look into other possibilities to see what works best for you. For instance, with their free-forever memberships, low cost flight services like Scott’s Cheap Flights provide a better value for the money. You must also pay to use Next Vacay’s services.

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