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The best Central American country to visit is without a doubt Costa Rica. It has a wide variety of wildlife, breathtaking natural scenery, delectable local cuisine, and a vibrant backpacker scene.

From other parts of the Americas, particularly the south of the USA, flights to Costa Rica are quite affordable. Therefore, Costa Rica is a fantastic country to explore whether you’re traveling by backpack through South and Central America, participating in a Worldpackers work exchange, or simply looking for a quick tropical getaway.

When Is The Weather In Costa Rica The Best For Traveling?

Where you are and when you are will determine the weather. There are various unique microclimates in Costa Rica, and it may be flooded in one area while being completely dry in another.

The dry season, which lasts from mid-December to April, is the ideal time to visit Costa Rica. It’s the perfect time to visit beaches and explore rainforests during this busy travel season because there is a ton of sunshine. But the most well-liked (and costly) time to travel is during the dry season. Thankfully, no matter the season, a dollar from the United States buys a lot in Costa Rica. To guarantee a spot, make reservations for your hotel room and tour three months in advance. Visit between May and November to find the best deals if you don’t mind getting a little soaked. Costa Rica’s forests burst with greenery in June and July, when rain showers temporarily cease.

Consider the fact that the weather varies by region as you plan your trip. High humidity and year-round temperatures in the 70s and high 80s are to be expected in the dense forests of the Northern Plains and Caribbean Sea coast. During Costa Rica’s dry months, temperatures there frequently soar into the 90s, but there are lower humidity levels to be aware of.

Overview Of Weather In Costa Rica

All year long, the climate in Costa Rica is fairly stable. It always has a pleasant temperature that isn’t oppressively hot. The average temperature is between 15 and 26 degrees Celsius, or 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main seasons in Costa Rica are:

  • Rainy season is, of course, very wet. It almost always rains, and it often pours for several hours. Monsoons and thunderstorms are frequent.
  • Dry season has the best weather, with lots of sun and the occasional rain shower.
  • The Green season is in the middle. While it usually rains in the afternoon, mornings are frequently sunny and clear.

Depending on the area you visit, the climate can also change. The country’s highlands in the center tend to be cooler, while the coastal regions are typically warmer. Additionally, as you travel south, the humidity may rise.

Costa Rica’s climate is therefore very warm, muggy, and occasionally rainy. Because of this, the nation has a diverse and abundant wildlife population.

No matter when or where you travel, make sure to check the weather each day because both sun and rain can happen at any time.

Best Time to Visit & Travel to Costa Rica

Traveling To Costa Rica In May And June

The Green Season officially kicks off in May. Additionally, it is the middle of peak season and low season, or shoulder season, for travel.

May might be the ideal time to travel to Costa Rica in terms of weather, crowds, and cost. Numerous sunny days are likely, crowds thin out after the holidays, and prices are fair.

There may or may not be rain during the Green Season, but when it does, it usually falls in the late afternoon or evening. Rainy and sunny days are evenly distributed. It’s a good idea to spend your beach day early or to schedule a morning tour so you can unwind later on in the day when it starts to rain.

Because peak season ends in May, both prices and crowds typically decrease. Costa Rica’s national parks and beaches are less crowded, and the surf is typically excellent.

So long as you don’t mind a little rain here and there, May and June are great travel months for travelers looking to cut costs and avoid crowds.

Visiting Costa Rica In July And August

In terms of weather, these months are comparable to May and June. It is still the Green Season, so there is often clear mornings and rainy afternoons.

Wildlife can be seen during this time, such as sea turtles in Dominical and whales in Tortuguero National Park.

But because of the summer holiday season, there is a slight increase in costs and crowds. Even though prices and crowds are still lower than during the Dry Season, May or June are preferable for those who want to avoid the crowds and save money.

When To Visit Costa Rica For Cheap Prices

The dry season, which lasts from December to March, tends to coincide with Costa Rica’s peak season and ensuing high prices. Therefore, if you want to avoid paying high hotel rates, you might think about going between May and early December, which is considered the low season. You run the risk of seeing fewer sunny skies during these rainy months, but the price is less for tourism!

You will benefit from lower hotel and tour prices in addition to the lush vegetation that grows during Costa Rica’s wet season.

When To Visit Costa Rica To Avoid Crowds

School breaks, such as spring break, summer vacation, and winter holidays, tend to be peak tourist seasons in Costa Rica because it is a well-liked vacation spot for families. In addition to these times, the peak season lasts from mid-December to early spring, when the weather is typically sunny and warm.

After Semana Santa, the peak travel season ends, crowds thin out, and the weather usually stays dry starting in mid-April.

When To Visit Costa Rica For Good Surf

With 800 miles of coastline and some well-known surf spots like Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise. While you can surf all year long, the rainy green season (May to December) is the best time to go if you want big swells and reliable surf.

When To Visit Costa Rica To See Sea Turtles

When it comes to sea turtles, Costa Rica is regarded as the best country ever! Five of the seven species breed along Costa Rica’s coastline. The best times and places to see them are:

  • Tortuguero National Park: Green sea turtles nest from July-September and baby turtles can be seen from August to November
  • Southern Caribbean Coast: Leatherbacks turtles nest from March through June and babies can be seen from May- to July
  • Pacific Coast: Olive ridley turtles nest in large numbers from August through November, especially in Playa Ostional where there are mass nesting events called “arribadas”, and Beach Hermosa in Puntarenas. From October to January, new babies can be seen.


Costa Rica is best visited in late April or early May. It’s when the early rains start to replace the dry season, causing the landscape to start turning greener and more vibrant. The peak travel period has not yet begun, though.

If you want to find more interesting and beautiful places to vise, welcome to check our best-time-visit guide below!

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