Vessi Shoes Review 2023 – Are They Long Lasting?

Vessi Shoes Review 2023 - Are They Long Lasting?
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Regarding their distinctive footwear, Vessi makes a lot of claims. They are advertised as your one-stop shop for the ideal waterproof, light-weight, packable travel shoe. But are they?

The Vessi Shoes are, in my opinion, breathable and light weight when it comes to wearability. When you are not wearing socks, the shoe breathes very well.

Are these travel shoes the all-in-one remedy that every one-bag traveler requires? In this Vessi shoes review, I was hoping to learn that.

Vessi Footwear: Quick Answers

Vessi Shoes Review 2023 - Are They Long Lasting?
  • Three distinct lines of waterproof, ultralight sneakers made by Vessi footwear are made for all climates and surfaces. These aren’t water shoes, they’re truly the “all-rounder” shoe.
  • Mikaella Go, Tony Yu, and Andy Wang are the creators of the Vancouver-based business Vessi.
  • Modified polyurethane, synthetic suede, and synthetic leather are used to make these shoes. They are also made of water-based synthetic materials. They’re 100% vegan.
  • They are ideal for single-bag travelers who want a multifunctional sneaker that can help them get through anything from snow to sand to intense downpours.
  • For urban travelers who might engage in some light hiking, Vessi footwear is recommended. You still need proper hiking boots with ankle support if you’re planning a full-on trek.

Pros & Cons of Vessi Shoes


  • Actually waterproof, so you can ditch the rain boots (the technology is patented)
  • You don’t need to wear socks with these shoes
  • They’re perfect for all kinds of travel, especially if you’re sticking to urban centers
  • Pleasant, muted colors
  • Super comfortable


  • No half shoe size available
  • Not suitable if you have a latex allergy
  • Narrow-footed people may find them too wide
  • They don’t come with any care instructions
  • Not all of them are machine washable

Who is Vessi?

Vessi Shoes Review 2023 - Are They Long Lasting?

Have you stocked every season’s footwear in your closet? That might be okay when you’re at home, but one of the biggest annoyances of traveling is having to find the right shoes for every season and kind of weather.

This issue was identified by the founders of Vessi, Mikaella Go, Tony Yu, and Andy Wang, who used a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to create the ultimate all-weather sneaker.

The product team’s initial fundraising goal was only $25,000, but by September 2019, they had successfully raised a cool $1.2 million. There seem to be a lot of people looking for universal travel and streetwear sneakers.

Are Vessi’s Shoes Comfortable?

The shoes Vessi is wearing are very cozy. Long walks will be enjoyable in the cushioned sole and the delightfully springy vegan knit.

Even though Vessi’s sneakers aren’t my go-to running shoes, I’ve gone for a few excellent jogs in their Everyday Move when it was raining and I didn’t want to risk getting my feet wet in my non-waterproof New Balances.

I discovered that Vessi’s shoes also keep my feet warm and dry in cold climates after wearing them for several more months.

In February, I walked on a bitterly cold Delaware shore, and my feet managed to stay pleasantly warm.

The Everyday Move shoes have a small tab at the top of the heel that makes them simple to put on.

Are Vessi’s Shoes Stylish?

Vessi Shoes Review 2023 - Are They Long Lasting?

A line of stylish and modern casual shoes is produced by Vessi. They go well with casual chinos, corduroys, jeans, and joggers.

Without a doubt, these are casual footwear. You won’t put on a pair of Vessi’s Citiyscape sneakers with a suit. (At least I’m not.)

Vessi Everyday Vs. Everyday Move

I had the opportunity to contrast Vessi’s Everyday Sneaker with. Shoes from the same brand, side by side.

My favorite has to be the Everyday Move Sneaker, a minimalist knit shoe that is available in an array of “original” and “limited edition” colors.

My feet stay dry outside thanks to the waterproof Everyday and Everyday move shoes.

The Everyday Move feels more like a traditional sneaker structurally and offers more support. The Everyday has a somewhat more understated and sock-like feel.

The Everyday Move is a little more streamlined in terms of appearance. I like the Everyday Move’s texture and overall appearance better than the Everyday.

Verdict: is It Worth It?

Due to their waterproof nature, comfort, ease of slipping on, and sleek design, Vessi’s Everyday Move sneakers have become one of my go-to choices for errands around the neighborhood and dog walks.

They are a fantastic option for your daily activities, even though I wouldn’t rely on them for business casual or necessarily pair them with workleisure attire.


Do You Wear Socks With Vessi Shoes?

With Vessi shoes, socks are acceptable.

Is Vessi True to Size?

Vessi footwear does indeed fit true to size. Go up a size if you’re a half size for greater comfort.

Do Vessi Shoes Work in Snow?

If the snow stays outside of the top of your sneakers, Vessi shoes will keep your feet dry in the snow. They don’t have as much traction as heavy lug boots, but they work well as waterproof boots.

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