Is Medellin Safe To Travel In 2022 – What To Avoid

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While Medellin is generally safe for visitors in terms of violent crime, a recent string of armed robberies and minor crimes against tourists are happening as of 2022.

Rules For Travel To Medellin

  • Before entering Medellin, visitors must show proof of immunization or a valid COVID test result. (The last day to get vaccinated must be more than 14 days before departure. Otherwise, a COVID test result must be negative.)
  • Travelers can fill out the Check-Mig registration form on the government of Medellin’s website or through services like iVisa, which streamline and simplify the process. The form must be finished 24 hours before arrival.
  • In some cities, masks must be worn inside and on public transportation.

Is It Safe To Travel To Medellin Right Now?

In general, Medellin is a safe city to visit, but visitors should exercise extra caution.

In recent years, Medellin’s safety has greatly increased. The city still has a poor standing in terms of safety, though. Pablo Escobar and the narcos cartels used to rule the city, which is largely to blame. Colombia had the highest homicide rate in the world in 1993, and Medellin’s rate was twice as high.

The recent years have seen a significant change in the situation, though. The Colombian government has worked diligently to increase the city’s security and safety. An effort to lower crime, has included hiring more police officers and funding social programs.

Some of Colombia’s safety advancements, however, have been undone by the COVID-19 pandemic. My people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Major damage was done to the tourism industry, and poverty quickly spread across the nation. Crime rates are increased by this pervasive poverty.

The city is on the road to recovery once more thanks to the Colombian protest in 2021. Although it is a little bit safer now than it was in 2021, travelers to Medellin must exercise caution.

How Safe Is Medellin?

The second-largest city in Colombia, Medellin, offers PLENTY of cultural experiences. Travelers of all types should definitely consider backpacking through Medellin. This city essentially has everything—many museums, public parks, theaters, festivals, etc.

Furthermore, Medellin is noticeably safer now compared to its reputation in the 1980s, when it had one of the highest homicide rates in the world. However, you will need to exercise caution when traveling. Here, street crime is still prevalent at alarmingly high levels and is typically gang-related.

Oh, and there are also floods during the rainy season and earthquakes, which you will encounter everywhere while traveling around Colombia on foot. Both have the potential to be quite terrifying and bad. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation could definitely save your skin in this situation.

But Medellin is constantly adding new lodging options, a sign of the city’s rising fame. We believe Narcos, which, let’s be honest, romanticized the city in a peculiar way, is largely to blame.

Are Female Travelers Safe To Use Medicine?

Is Medellin Safe To Travel2

Although traveling as a woman is generally safe in Medellin, it is important to be aware of the machismo culture and to take security measures to avoid harassment and catcalling. When that happens, it’s best to politely decline if their approaches are too direct or simply ignore them.

When traveling, use common sense, be aware of your surroundings, and avoid going alone at night. See if you can make a friend or two at one of the hostels to travel with since Medellin is a popular backpacking destination for female solo travelers.

Be wary of overly friendly locals, especially if you’re a female traveler. Despite their reputation as being extremely friendly, some Colombians do harbor secret motives. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t defend yourself by remaining constantly vigilant.

Are Solo Travelers In Medellin Safe?

I discovered that Medellin is generally safe for solo travelers after spending a lot of time exploring Colombia by myself. That comes from talking to other solo travelers, the majority of whom haven’t run into any perilous circumstances.

You will probably draw more attention than if you were in a group when it comes to safety for lone travelers in Medellin. Even if you keep to yourself and remain vigilant, this may not necessarily put you at greater risk.

Make sure you are in one of the safer areas of Medellin to ensure your safety. El Poblado is one of the safest neighborhoods for lone travelers and has lots of hostels where you can meet new people. In Medellin, group travel is almost always safer than solo travel.

Useful Information On Medellin

Currency – Since US dollars and euros are not commonly accepted, it is advisable to exchange your money for Colombian Pesos, which is the local currency. Although less common than in other more developed nations, credit cards are used in this one. If you need to use an ATM, those found in shopping centers or big-box stores are more secure than those found on the street because there is a chance that you’ll be robbed.

Weather – Given its climate, Medellin has earned the moniker “City of Everlasting Spring.” With an average temperature of between 15 and 30 degrees C, the climate is quite mild. The surrounding mountains of Medellin provide cool air and a comfortable level of humidity. Medellin benefits from the ideal climate as a result.

Visas – When visiting Colombia as a tourist and staying for less than 90 days, a visa is not required for the majority of nationalities. On the other hand, some nations require their citizens to obtain a visa in order to enter Colombia. Throughout your visit, your passport must be valid.

Travel Insurance – Travel insurance that covers not only medical issues but also any kind of loss of personal property is something you should have when visiting Colombia because accidents can happen, including the loss or theft of luggage.

What Sorts Of Crimes Take Place In Medellin?

What sort of crimes ought you to be on the lookout for in Medellin? There are unquestionably many different types of crimes, including those committed by scopolamine, petty criminals, beggars, and narcos.


It functions similarly to a roofie. One can be easily slipped into your drink by criminals, making you feel drowsy and zombie-like and obedient to their commands. This is a fairly common crime among men, so if you enjoy the nightlife scene, you should take extra precautions. You won’t remember what happened when you wake up the following morning. It can be very scary!

Although homicide accounts for a significant portion of crime in places like Medellin, tourists don’t frequently experience this. As a foreigner in Medellin, petty theft is typically your only worry.

You can still travel to Medellin safely for a few days, weeks, or months as long as you exercise caution and vigilance.


This is the type of crime that foreigners and visitors encounter the most frequently. People being robbed both in broad daylight and late at night has been the subject of numerous stories.

The poverty rate has risen across Colombia since the pandemic. As many as 1.75 million Venezuelan refugees are also living in abject poverty and are unable to find employment.

Sometimes, the prevalence of poverty is what motivates people to commit street crimes. Because they are aware that these areas have wealthy residents and popular tourist attractions, they have chosen to target them.


If you behave appropriately and use common sense, Medellin is a safe city to visit. Avoid visiting underdeveloped areas. Avoid traveling between the airport and the city at night. Avoid bling-bling jewelry. Do not yell loudly like an annoying American. Never take any action that might be considered illegal in any way. Let’s say the justice system there does not adhere to the idea of due process.

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