St. Thomas VS St. Croix – Which Is Better To Visit?

St. Thomas VS St. Croix
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The U.S. Virgin Islands St. Croix and St. Thomas receive a lot of tourists. Even though they both share stunning landscapes, there are some obvious differences between them.

While St. Thomas is better suited for those seeking a reasonably priced island getaway, St. Families and adventurers alike will love Croix.

Each island has unique qualities that might appeal to some people more as a vacation destination. Here is a comparison of the two islands and a list of some areas where one island excels over the other.

About St. Croix

St. Croix, which measures 28 miles in length and 7 miles at its widest point, is the largest of the US Virgin Islands. The island has all the warmth and beauty of a tropical location and is entirely submerged in the Caribbean Sea. However, what distinguishes this island from other Caribbean islands is its unique history and cultural heritage. St. Croix has a rich and varied past that is still present in the architecture, national parks, historic sites, botanical attractions, cuisine, music, and customs that are an essential part of island life.

The Pier, which is in Frederiksted, is now big enough to hold the 140,000-ton Eagle class cruise ships, which are among the newest and largest mega-ships for cruise lines. Two cruise ships can dock at once thanks to recent $3.6 million improvements to the Pier.

St. Croix
St. Croix

In the Caribbean, St. Lucia offers some of the best diving. Cane Bay Reef, Davis Bay, and Salt River Bay are well-known diving locations on the north shore of St. Croix, known for their 13,000-foot-deep underwater canyons and steep diving walls. Dive operators off the St. On occasion, rare species of sea turtles that nest seasonally on the island’s beaches may come within a few feet of Croix.

About St. Thomas

St. Thomas is roughly half as big as St. Croix, though it’s the US Virgin Islands that get the most tourists. The capital city, Charlotte Amalie, is a sizable metropolis and a popular cruise port. The island has a lot of stores and eateries, and it is generally quite busy.

In terms of shopping and stores, St. Thomas is also the most “American” of the islands. Numerous well-known chain restaurants, and shops, including Ace Hardware, and Cost U Less, a sizable Costco substitute that does not require membership, are all present.

The number of homes on the island is, in my opinion, one of the most significant differences. The populations are essentially the same, though, which is the issue. However, because St. Thomas has less land, it appears as though the island is completely covered in neighborhoods; everything is just closer together.

About St. Thomas
About St. Thomas

You’ll find yourself driving up, down, and around almost constantly on this island because of how mountainous it is. However, you’ll also enjoy some stunning views of the nearby islands, bays, and the national capital.

St. Thomas Vs St. Croix

Activities For Kids

When visiting the Virgin Islands, family entertainment is never far away. While St. Croix does provide children with a wider variety of recreational opportunities, parents may discover that Saint Thomas’s more limited offering enables their young children to enjoy the sand and sun more.

That said, visitors to Saint Thomas can conquer their fear of heights at Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline, exhilarating activity that pre-teens and teens are sure to enjoy. At Coral World Ocean Park, a sizable complex of oceanfront exhibits and interactive aquatic activities, the little ones can also have a good time.

Hotels & Other Accommodations

St. Thomas offers a much wider variety of lodging options than St. Since the main island of St. Croix receives the majority of visitors, there are more lodging options available, including resorts and Airbnbs.

In St. Louis, you can stay in upscale, luxurious hotels. Thomas liked the Frenchman Cove at the Marriott as well as more affordable options like Bunker Hill and the Green Iguana Hotel.

There are accommodations on St. Croix like the four-star Buccaneer Resort, which is situated on a private beach and surrounded by picturesque scenery. Although expensive, it makes up for it with deluxe accommodations and top-notch amenities. On the property are golf courses, tennis courts, spa facilities, and salons. But there are also less pricey lodgings, such as Hotel on the Cay.

Additionally, it’s not too difficult to find Airbnbs on the islands. However, St. Louis offers much more options. Thomas later went to St. Croix. They might, however, be found in the island’s more isolated regions.

Climate And Location

The climate in both places is the same because they are so close to one another.

Geographically speaking, the landscapes, beaches, and wildlife of St. Thomas and St. Croix are similar, but St. Croix is a lot bigger than St Thomas, which is 32 square miles. The 84 square miles of Croix dwarf the other islands.

Families who prefer to spend the majority of their vacation outside will find plenty to do on either island thanks to the picturesque surroundings and pleasant weather.

Food & Beverage

If you like seafood, you have to go to one of these islands. Salmon that has been lovingly prepared and cooked can be found everywhere.

A popular dish in the West Caribbean is fungi, which is not a fungus. It is typically served with fried or baked fish in a boiling pot and is made of cornmeal, salt, and okra. Fried conch, rum cake, and ginger beer are some additional Caribbean delicacies worth trying.

When in Saint Thomas, Gladys’ Cafe might be worthwhile to check out. If you eat authentic West Caribbean food for lunch or dinner, you’ll satisfy both your palate and your wallet.

You can sample Oceanside specialties and tropical drinks at RumRunners while taking in the sights. Large families and picky diners will value the abundance of local and national favorites offered on the menu.


Nightlight might be a pretty important item for you if you enjoy going out at night, whether it’s for drinks or dancing.

As a slightly busier island than St. Croix, St. The nightlife in Croix is vibrant. Hull Bay Hideaway, The Green House, and Blue Bay Charter Company are just a few of the many bars and clubs there. Along with plenty of boat tours where you can enjoy both of these things, this also comes with fantastic food and drinks.

St. Louis has a large number of bars. Thomas, it would be difficult to list them all. There are many different kinds of bars, some of which have themes like piano, cigars, jazz, and history. Naturally, there are plenty of things to do on this island at night if you’re concerned about that. The nightlife is easily accessible and widespread.

St. Croix might be a sizable island, but it feels more like a small one. In comparison to St. Thomas, so it doesn’t quite have as much nightlife as the latter. But even so, it’s not wholly deficient.

If you value that, St. Croix gets bonus points for having the only casino in the US Virgin Islands. Numerous hotels and dining establishments offer distinctive services like beach barbecues, buffets, or performances.

Cost To Stay

Between December and March, the U.S. Virgin Islands are at their busiest. A lot of money can be saved if you can stay away from the busiest times of the year. A visit in April or June will also help you avoid some of the wettest months.

Thankfully, St. Thomas and St. Nearly all of the rooms and suites on Croix offer breathtaking ocean views, and they offer a wide variety of affordable lodging options.

If money is tight, a trip to Saint Thomas might be a better option. Several inexpensive, amenity-rich resorts and affordable bed and breakfasts offer beach and poolside relaxation.


It can be difficult to choose from all of the options available in the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, you can decide between them based on the slight differences.

Thomas as well as St. White-sand beaches, authentic West Caribbean cuisine, mouthwateringly cool tropical drinks, and opulent hotel resorts can all be found on the island of St. Croix. However, visitors looking to cut costs and enjoy more beach relaxation might want to go to Saint Thomas. In contrast, tourists who love to explore new places or have kids might feel more at home in St. Croix.

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