Monos Luggage Review 2022 – Is It Worth Buying?

Monos Luggage Review1
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Your carry-on bag will quickly become a dreaded last-minute checked bag if it doesn’t fit in the designated overhead bin space.

Due to its wide selection of useful luggage, Monos, a brand of relatively new travel luggage, is quickly becoming more popular. Here is my review of the company and some of its well-known products to assist you in making the best decision!

What is Monos Luggage?

A company called Monos sells various travel-related goods. However, its range of high-end travel bags and luggage is its specialty. Every Mono bag has a clean, fashionable design with lots of useful features. The quality of Monos luggage is what sets it apart from the competition.

In order to make its products last longer, Monos also positions itself as an ethical brand by sourcing sustainable and premium materials. Additionally, the business has net-zero carbon emissions and is certified as climate neutral. Here’s a good option if you prefer eco-friendly and non-cruelty products in your purchases.

Overall, I’ve discovered that both bags are incredibly simple to use and hold up remarkably well. The zippers are smooth and don’t catch on any surface, including carpet and concrete. Despite having a slight wobble, the adjustable handle is reasonably sturdy. After only a few uses, I did also notice that a few white marks started to appear on their vibrant surfaces. To remove the marks, you must wet the eraser, which the company provides, and rub it. Despite my skepticism, when I tested the eraser, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the marks simply disappeared.

The zippered front pocket, which is made of the same polycarbonate shell as the rest of the bag’s exterior, is one of these bags’ best features and what really distinguishes them from the majority of other luggage on the market. The front pocket of the Monos luggage zips right back to its standard size unless you really stuff it to the gills, in which case zipping it also becomes difficult. This is unlike the front pocket of a soft-sided carry-on, which typically protrudes and adds noticeable size to a bag when fully packed. However, it was simple to cram my 15-inch laptop, headphones, charging cables, lip gloss, and a lotion tin into its numerous smaller pockets.

Pros & Cons Of Monos Luggage


  • Spacious interior
  • Extremely durable
  • All products are fully vegan
  • Free shipping to US and Canada
  • Lifetime Monos warranty
  • Great customer service


  • Light colors can get dirty easily
  • The Plus range is bulky
  • Cannot ship to PO boxes
  • Pricey

Monos Luggage Durability

German Makrolon polycarbonate, an aerospace-grade material that is both light and almost impossible to break, is used to make Monos luggages. If you need to check it, you can handle it roughly due to its flexibility. The material has some flex, so it should be resistant to dents. Since Monos sells directly to customers rather than through retailers, they claim to use the same grade of material as luxury luggage brands but can charge hundreds less for it.

Frequently, the weak spot in luggage is the extendable handle. On the Monos website, look for the “telescopic handle jerk test” under their section on quality testing if you want to see durability in action. The sight of the bag hanging by the handle mesmerized me in a strange way.

Features Of Monos Luggage

A very useful hard front pocket that unzips on the front of the bag is what distinguishes the Carry-On Pro and Carry-On Pro Plus from other luggage options. A laptop can fit in the pocket, and it’s also a great place to store other small necessities like headphones and charging cords. Additionally, the fact that the pocket is made of durable polycarbonate enhances the protection of those accessories.

Monos Carry-on

The Carry-On is Monos’ smallest, most basic, and least expensive piece of luggage. From the sturdy polycarbonate construction to the YKK reverse coil zippers, every feature that this suitcase has is also present in all the other models.

The carry-on luggage has outstanding performance and durability thanks to its construction with polycarbonate of aerospace grade. This luggage is excellent for air travel because of the lightweight, and remarkable durability of the material. More so than an ABS or nylon suitcase, a polycarbonate shell requires a very strong impact to break.

The monos Carry-On is ideal for shorter trips up to five days because it has almost 40 liters of storage space. The built-in compression pad, zippered pockets, and dividers in the main compartment allow you to easily keep your clothes organized while still fitting a good amount of clothing inside. For added security, while traveling, the zippers of the packing compartment are locked with a TSA-friendly combination lock.

Monos Luggage Review

Monos Wheels

For my family and me, a smooth, simple-to-roll bag is essential. We carry a lot of bags when we travel, so if one of them has a bad wheel or is difficult to glide, it can affect the momentum of all the other bags. Additionally, if bags are simple enough for our kids to push or pull, they can assist.

Wheels that are both quiet and smooth are used on the Monos luggages by Hinomoto Lisof. The bags were easy to maneuver whether on uneven sidewalks, hotel carpets, or in the airport.

My 7-year-old ended up pulling the Carry-On Pro on an angle with only 2 wheels, which was unusual for spinner bags because I typically push my bags upright on the 4 spinner wheels. Despite this, the bag performed quite well.

Benefits Of Owning A Monos Luggage

The adjustable, shaky handles that are common in many suitcases have been fixed by Monos. In Monos luggage, the release button is located beneath the telescopic handle, which is very sturdy. Its luggage bags have a very strong overall construction. They will certainly last a long time, that much is certain!

Additionally, the boutique luggage company offers a limited lifetime warranty and dependable customer service. If the product doesn’t meet your needs, you can return it within the 100-day trial period. But you must deliver it back in pristine condition.

Is Monos Luggage Worth It?

A striking selection of well-made, svelte, and well-designed bags from Monos luggages has been assembled, and they can stand up to any high-end rivals.

It is definitely worthwhile to splurge on luggage from the up-and-coming boutique brand Monos. Personally, I appreciate that there are so many options available. For instance, in addition to the one-size carry-on, they also offer the carry-on plus and carry-on pro plus. Both are acceptable carry-on bags.

Where To Buy Monos

You can buy Monos luggage exclusively at A Canadian business called Monos is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was relieved to learn that their products are made in China, but in facilities that have been chosen for their high standards of ethical treatment of employees.


We can say with confidence that it’s a fantastic choice after considering the features and raving reviews of previous users. Monos Luggage really outshines the competition in terms of quality, despite not being the cheapest option. Long-term savings are greater when you invest in a suitcase that is built to last.

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