Is Budapest Safe to Travel in 2023 – What to Pay Attention

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If you’re looking to visit the Hungarian capital but are wondering, “is Budapest safe?”, you’ve come to the right place. Budapest is safe, that much is true. You won’t need to be concerned about your safety when visiting the capital of Hungary. However, you should always pay attention, just like when visiting any other large city. Keep an eye on your possessions, avoid going through narrow alleys at night, and don’t put your trust in just anyone.

Safety is a major concern when moving around anywhere, including Europe. But no matter where you decide to travel, there are lots of things you can do to stay safe.

How Safe is Budapest Overall?

Overall, Visiting Budapest is very safe. Because of the cities in its more well-known neighbors, Croatia and Austria, it is frequently overlooked, despite the fact that it has a wealth of fantastic activities, sights, and attractions, delicious food, and is rich in culture.

As I’ve already mentioned, violent crimes are uncommon and typically take place in residential areas between locals and gangs.

The biggest concern for travelers should be to keep their belongings close and avoid street scams, but otherwise, Budapest is safe to visit for everyone!

Safest Places in Budapest

Research and caution are necessary when deciding where to stay in Budapest. You don’t want to end up somewhere dangerous and have your trip ruined. The safest neighborhoods in Budapest are listed below for your convenience.

Józsefváros (8th District)

Until recently, tourists would have stayed away from Budapest’s District VIII Józsefváros. It wasn’t thought to be a trip-worthy location because it was rough and dangerous. As a result of an influx of chic bars, cutting-edge eateries, and independent shops, Józsefváros is now one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

Józsefváros is a vibrant and social neighborhood that is well-liked by students. There are many fantastic ruin bars, casual dining establishments, cool boutiques, and chic galleries in this area. Despite its troubled past, it has come a long way and is now a completely safe place to visit.

Józsefváros (8th District)

Only recently has this neighborhood attracted tourist attention. Previously considered seedy, the area has completely changed and now has some of the city’s best restaurants, independent shops, and hippest cafes.

Várkerület (1st District)

The Castle District, also known as District I Várkerület, is one of Budapest’s most well-known neighborhoods. On the Buda side of the Danube, there is a district with charming cobblestone streets, magnificent medieval architecture, and picturesque views.

This neighborhood is a great starting point for touring the rest of the city because it is well connected to Pest via public transportation. This area is a tranquil and safe haven in the city that is busy during the day but quiet at night.

Várkerület (1st District)

This area should be your first choice if you want to safely explore all of Budapest. Várkerület provides a fantastic base with a wealth of attractions and sights and is extremely well connected to the rest of the city.

7. Is Budapest Safe to Travl2

Terézváros (6th District)

One of Budapest’s smallest and most densely populated neighborhoods is District VI, Terezvós. This vibrant neighborhood is a hub of excitement and activity and is situated on the Pest side of the Danube.

There are accommodations here for tourists of all tastes and financial means, from boutique hotels to backpacker hostels. But this is where you’ll find a lot of the affordable gems in Budapest if you’re trying to save money!

Terézváros (6th District)

The best sights in the city can be found in Terezváros (6th District), which is also reasonably priced. Here, you’ll discover some of Budapest’s top attractions as well as fantastic low-cost lodging options.

Places to Avoid in Budapest

Knowing the less safe areas of Budapest is essential for a secure trip. Keep in mind that Budapest is a popular tourist city, so wherever you are, you will have to watch out for pickpocketing and petty theft.

Luckily, there are no real no-go areas in Budapest. The 8th district is the only area where we’d advise exercising a little caution, especially at night. Keep your eyes peeled and be aware that the 7th and 9th can also be shady.

And as always, stay away from any shady-looking spots like dim side streets or neighborhoods. But it’s really a no-brainer. Use your common sense, stay in the busy streets with loads of people and you won’t face any problems in Budapest.

Budapest Travel Insurance

It’s good to get lost sometimes, but it’s also good not to get too lost. There are some people who want you to arrive home safely.

What to Pay Attention To

You should be particularly cautious of pickpockets if you’re not in a taxi. You should exercise extra caution and caution when handling your bags, particularly when using public transportation, at train and subway stations, and in markets. However, this is applicable to all major cities. This has nothing to do with Budapest not being a secure tourist destination.

Safety Woman Alone in Budapest

Go ahead and visit Budapest if you’re a woman traveling alone. Traveling women can feel safe in Budapest. There have been no reports of harassment or attacks directed specifically at women. Of course, the same rules apply here: just be careful and avoid doing anything you wouldn’t do at home. Use common sense. In the middle of the night, avoid wandering the streets alone.

Is Budapest Safe for a Man Alone?

Women should probably exercise more caution than men alone, but in Budapest, men are more frequently the victims of scams. Budapest is known for its trick of having women seduce men before dressing them in robes. When you are out and about and a woman alone approaches you, avoid strip clubs and take extra precautions. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll be held by two powerful men in front of an ATM. You can travel to Budapest in comfort and safety if you use common sense now that you are aware of this seduction technique.

Tips to Stay Safe in Budapest

  • Always carry a copy of your passport and keep it separate from the original.
  • Don’t carry excessive amounts of cash. Additionally, avoid storing your wallet in your pants’ pockets or back pockets. Keeping your money in a money belt is the most secure move to make.
  • Never request restaurant or bar recommendations from cab drivers.
  • Always purchase your own beverages, and make sure you always keep them within sight.
  • When interacting with strangers, always be cautious.

Districts Where You Should Pay More Attention

Budapest is a safe city, to reiterate. There is therefore no cause for concern. You should pay particular attention to one area in the center. Districts VIII and IX are those two. But relax, these areas are still safe. Just be a little bit more cautious at night and don’t spend too much time wandering around this neighborhood. Additionally, the inner city and the Jewish neighborhood are nearby, so the closer you are to them, the better.


Is Budapest Safe to Travel Alone

Budapest is one of the best places to start if you’re still not sure if it’s for you or if you’re planning to travel on your own for the first time. This city attracts lots of solo travellers, is incredibly safe and there is plenty to see and do – so you won’t even have a second to feel bored.

Is Budapest Safe for Female Travellers

Budapest solo female travel is perfectly safe, whether during the day when visiting the city’s many rich historical sights, or at night when sampling great nightlife and wonderful restaurants. It has a well-deserved reputation for safety and having few violent crimes.

Is Budapest Safe at Night

Budapest’s central business district (Castle District, districts V., VI., a district VII component. along Grand Boulevard) is fairly safe at night. Avoid, however, the district’s VII outermost area., Avoid dimly lit streets and underpasses in general, especially in sections VIII and IX.

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