What Are Things Cheaper in India Than in Europe

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We all know that things cost more in Europe than they do in India, but some Reddit users took the trouble to compare the costs of various goods in Europe and India and then posted their findings online. According to Reddit users, the following nine items are less expensive in India than in Europe.

How Can You Tell If A Product Will Be Less Expensive In India Than Europe?

The average monthly income in India is $152 (11,594 rupees), or less than $2000 USD annually. You can bet that the average person cannot purchase an iPhone or MacBook on this income. The newest Louis Vuitton handbag doesn’t worry them. They spend the majority of their income on necessities like food, clothing, rent, and other items. As a result, India will offer lower prices for these goods.

The average monthly income in the USA is $4012, or 305,992 Indian rupees, per person, or more than $48,000 USD annually. In the USA, these services will be more expensive because someone living on this income can afford to spend more on food, rent, and other necessities.

Things That Are Cheaper In India Than In Europe

Getting Flights

It’s no secret that flights to India are less expensive than flights to Europe. It frequently ranks among the top motives for visiting India. What about other things, though? Is everything cheaper in India than it is in Europe?

Buying Indian Clothes Online

When shopping online in India, you can frequently find comparable clothing styles for much lower prices even though you might not be able to find the same brands that you would find in Europe. The natural fabrics used to make Indian clothing, like cotton and silk, can be more comfortable to wear than synthetic ones. Additionally, you might be able to find rare goods that are not sold in shops in Europe. Compare prices from various retailers when shopping online to get the best deal. You might also want to search for discount codes or exclusive deals before making a purchase.

Being A Student Abroad

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience. You meet people, travel to new places, and discover new cultures. However, the cost may also be high. Costs of living include eating out, traveling domestically and internationally, buying clothing, and simply existing. However, there are ways to save money while studying abroad, such as cooking your own meals instead of eating out, using public transportation to get around the region or the globe, and purchasing clothing at thrift shops.

Due to the Indian Rupee’s favorable exchange rate with the Euro (or other currencies), goods are less expensive in India. So it’s really straightforward: if something costs, say, 10 Euros at home, it will, roughly, cost 10 Rupees in India, which is significantly less.

Getting Around With An Indian Sim Card

Consider getting an Indian SIM card if you’re going to be in India. As data rates in India are significantly less expensive than in Europe, doing this can help you save a ton of money. Furthermore, keeping in touch with your loved ones back home is made possible by having an Indian SIM card.

Moving Abroad

Do you intend to relocate abroad? If that is the case, you probably want to know how much it will cost.

7. What Are Things Cheaper in India Than in Europe2

A Quick Weekend Trip To Italy From Delhi

You’ll discover that almost everything is less expensive in India if you travel to Italy for a short weekend. Spending rupees instead of euros can help you save money on everything from food and beverages to travel and lodging. Additionally, India offers a wealth of free activities and sights to see. So why not take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and visit all these stunning nations?

Car Insurance

For all vehicles in India, auto insurance is required. Third-party liability insurance, which safeguards you if you harm someone else or their property, is, however, the bare minimum of coverage you must possess. While not required, auto insurance is strongly advised in Europe. In Europe, third-party liability insurance is the most popular kind of auto insurance. If you harm another person or their property, it affects you. The Indian Motor Tariff, which considers a number of variables to determine rates, is the foundation upon which auto insurance premiums in India are calculated. The Association of British Insurers’ Group Rating system, which considers elements like the type of car you drive, where you live, and your driving record, is the basis for car insurance rates in Europe. The best automakers in the world are also located in India.

Accessibility Of Medical Help In Case Of Emergencies

India is less expensive than Europe in terms of accessibility to medical care. Nearly every street corner in India is home to a hospital or clinic, and the majority of them can treat you for simple medical conditions. If you require more specialized care, you might need to travel to a bigger city. However, overall, India has much better access to medical care than Europe.


Europe can actually be affordable if you use a few of our suggestions.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to go slowly. If you don’t complete everything, you might decide to give up traveling altogether. In our thirties, let’s just say there is always time to travel, if you make time.

Try housesitting, and pick a location that you REALLY want to visit. Paris, Rome, and Barcelona Instead of just taking a pricey, quick tour of the sights, get a housesit there for a few weeks and immerse yourself in the culture.

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