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If you love cigars, you probably want to know the regulations for bringing them on airplanes. You are permitted to bring cigars on a plane in both your carry-on and checked bags, per TSA regulations. If you want to bring Cuban cigars back to the United States, there are still a lot of things you need to be aware of, such as the limitations and requirements when flying internationally., how to best pack your cigars for flying, and more.

Are Cigars Permitted On Airplanes?

You are allowed to bring your cigars on a plane. But there are some regulations you must follow and safety measures you must take if you plan to carry cigars. You won’t experience any problems if you try to adhere to specific rules.

The Transport Security Administration, also known as the TSA, is a team of officers that regulates what is permitted and prohibited on airplanes. Cigars are not prohibited items, at least not in accordance with the fundamental TSA regulations. In addition to checking their bags, passengers may bring them on board as carry-ons.

To avoid problems later, you should always think about asking your airline if there are any specific restrictions. Purchasing a container can help you prevent damage during transit on a domestic flight. Verify how much you are permitted to bring on a global flight.

How Many Cigars Are Allowed To Be Brought On Domestic Flights?

Cigars and vacations go together for some people. But are cigars allowed through airport security? If you’re traveling, where should you pack your cigars?

There is no restriction on the number of cigars you can bring on a plane if you are flying domestically within the United States. The cigars can be placed in both your checked and carry-on luggage.

Cigars Customs Limits

Cigars are typically subject to rules when imported into other nations. You are typically allowed to bring a small number of cigars for personal use.

How many cigars you are permitted to pack in your luggage depends on the regulations in the country where you are traveling. When you arrive, let them know how many cigars you are bringing. You might have to pay duty tax if you go over your customs allowance.

Generally, the only limitations on transporting goods like cigars are those related to quantity. You shouldn’t have any trouble transporting the cigars themselves as long as they are for your own use and you don’t intend to sell them.

If you are traveling within the European Union, you are most likely only going to face questions and suspicion if you attempt to board a plane with more than 200 cigars. In that case, you might be questioned about your smoking habits or the cigars’ intended use. The restriction is stricter and the maximum is 50 cigars for nations outside of the European Union.

How Should I Pack Cigars For Air Travel?

You should follow a few rules when packing your cigars for travel because cigars are delicate and react to moisture and temperature changes.

  • Use a travel humidor, cigar case, Tupperware container, zip-top bag, or humidor pack.
  • Make sure your cigars are packed in a place where they won’t roll around or move around too much.
  • Since they will experience fewer temperature and atmospheric changes in your carry-on bag, cigars are best packed there.
  • Instead of putting it in a checked bag, pack your cigar cutter in your carry-on.

How To Travel With Cigars

Cigars resemble sponges in many ways, with the exception of the sponge’s ability to rebound after being stepped on or compressed. In addition to reacting to humidity and temperature (the ideal ranges are 70% humidity and 70 degrees), cigars also take in a wide variety of flavors and aromas from the surroundings in which they are stored. Before you try to conceal any cigarettes under an old pair of socks, keep that in mind.

Perhaps you have set aside one evening during your lengthy vacation to indulge in the special single cigar you have been hoarding for the past three years. Or perhaps you’re returning from a faraway place with a few difficult-to-find boxes. In either scenario, make sure you travel with your cigars in good condition.

Can You Bring Cigars on a Plane

Packing them properly is the first step. Cigars don’t do well when they are crammed into a bag that is already overstuffed, and it is also not a good idea to store them in a compartment that has too much extra room so that they can roll or bounce around. When you’re planning to take a few cigars on the road, a good cigar travel case takes care of the majority of problems your priceless cigar cargo faces.

Simple breast pocket sleeves, typically made of leather or cedar and holding three to four cigars, are one type of travel case. Other types include heavy-duty ABS-molded plastic compartments with foam inserts, airtight seals, and space for multiple layers of cigars, like those offered by the Xikar Travel Humidor. Getting a travel humidor for your cigars may seem extreme if you only smoke occasionally, but bear in mind that they come in a variety of sizes, including smaller models that hold just 5 cigars and can easily fit in a small backpack. Before your next journey, set up a travel humidor.

Check Your Cutter Into The Hold

It is frequently contested whether or not you are permitted to bring a cigar cutter on the plane in your carry-on bag. You can even purchase cigar cutters in some duty-free shops, as the TSA in the US generally states that blades under four inches are acceptable. According to the rules, most scissor-style cutters should be acceptable, and you’ll usually be fine with a punch cutter or V-cutter.

But be aware that when you bring blades on board, you essentially put yourself at the mercy of the security team you encounter. No amount of arguing will prevent them from taking it away, so don’t even try. Therefore, if your cutter is valuable, check it into the hold and bring a less expensive one along with you in carry-on or hand luggage. These days, you probably won’t need it to light up a fresh cigarette on the plane!

A torch lighter should generally not be brought on board, and we advise checking your cigars and cutter into the hold in a sturdy, reliable case. However, it’s possible that the nation from which you’re flying will permit it or that the particular airline will make accommodations. If you’re unsure, check their website or give them a call to find out what they will let you bring.

Will Checked Luggage Keep My Cigars Safe?

You might be tempted to simply pack your cigars in the checked luggage for the flight if the checked luggage is more sturdy than your carry-on bag. For lengthy flights, in particular, that can be a risky bet. Although the cargo hold has some pressure and climate control, it won’t typically be as comfortable as the cabin. Your cigars will not only be subjected to lower temperatures, but the pressure changes alone could cause the cigar wrappers to split.


Cigars are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags. In particular, if they are expensive cigars, I advise you to pack them in your carry-on bag. Luggage that has been checked in may get lost, and on occasion, items may get stolen from bags. The main concern when traveling domestically is making sure your cigars don’t get crushed. Make sure they are contained safely in a rigid box or other appropriate containers.

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